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BVF offers a detail-oriented lesson program from walk/trot level riders up to Grand Prix's. Our aim is to assist our riders in learning confidence along with proper riding techniques and good horsemanship knowledge all while pursuing their riding goals and dreams. We offer lessons done on your personal horse or we have a selection of experienced lesson horses.

Our Philosophy

We believe in good horsemanship no matter the discipline, skill level or aspirations of horse and rider. We feel that flat work is the solid foundation needed for good riding and good jumping and that there is no  "one size fits all" or  "one mold for all horses/riders" to the equestrian sport. Both horses and riders can come with their own unique style and it's up to us as professionals to help sculpt them on their pursuit to their goals both inside and outside of the show ring. 

Hourly Privates

$75 a session

This is a great option for any rider looking to get a good training day in. We break up the 60 mins into 15-20 minutes of flat work followed by 40-45 mins of jump training. At each session our trainer and rider discuss how both feel about the progresses and set-backs to develop a solid training plan to maintain forward growth.


Half Hour Privates

$60 a session

This is a great option for horses or riders coming back from injury. As well as, after a rider has had an extended period of time out of the saddle.

Hourly Semi-Privates

$70 a session

Semi-Privates are limited to 2 riders sharing the hour lesson time. This allows us to have quality time with both riders all the while having fun learning together. We try our best to pair up riders that are learning at the same level as the other to ensure we adequately challenge both riders fairly.


$75 a session

This is the initial lesson taken with us. We use this time to learn about the rider and get to know their goals both short and long term. This also gives us the opportunity to assess the rider for their current strengths and weaknesses. Doing so, allows us to prepare a safe and quality plan to get the rider on track to meet their goals.

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